Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Extend Ki

Just before class I saw M writing out a check for the dojo. Theoretically he should have paid last class. So I told him that sensei would use him today as uke for not paying on time. And... that it would hurt. (This is just teasing of course but I think he actually believed me).

Oddly enough he was uke for most of the night but mostly because he was the strongest guy in class. We were doing a lot of work with maintaining our center. One exercise was to push your partner on the shoulder as hard as you could. Nage should sort of rotate around letting uke push past. Another exercise had us line up in front of sensei has he did a shomen cut. We were supposed to get off line, slide in and go for his floating rib. I liked this exercise but it wasn't until the last one or two that I thought I had gotten close to what I was supposed to be doing.

We also did unbendable arm finally. I was pretty psyched to have M as my partner because I knew if I did it right his strength wouldn't matter. Also, it would be obvious whether I'm doing the exercise correctly. I was psyched to see that I could pretty much do it the first try. M was pushing with all his considerable strength and it took almost no effort from me to keep my arm in that position. I was frankly more worried about a bone breaking then anything else. We did that several times to each other. The only way I could even get M to move a little was when I pulled down and lowered my center at the same time. Perhaps this was "cheating" but he's so strong I wanted to give him as much force as I could.

After this exercise we tried a few forward rolls. I only had one other class in which we did them but they felt better this time. I'm not sure if it was the unbendable arm that put me in the right frame of mind. One difference is that the first time it was explained to me I didn't realize where on the arm I was supposed to be rolling. This time I noticed he started more on the blade edge of his hand. I didn't see that before.

DAPI: 3 ( no new bruises today, bummer. Some muscles feel worked in my arms and shoulders)
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Nice blog. I added it to my list of Aikido blogs. Keep it up.


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