Friday, September 09, 2005

First Blood !!

Aside from my etiquette issues last night we had one other interesting thing occur during training.

My partner M started bleeding. He now has the dubious honor of being the first person to spill blood in our dojo. Just as I happened to notice it and ask him about it, sensei stops everyone for a moment for a quick lesson on what to do for the inevitable occasional blood loss. Unfortunately, it was on his big toe so as he moved around the tatami he left blood spots everywhere. We stopped practice and taped his toe up and cleaned the mats. M wanted to quit practice for the day but sensei encouraged him to continue. I think he felt bad for some reason. Well... I'm glad he didn't quit for the day because I partnered with him for some of the training and he always presents me with different problems. M is the guy who resists everything. I learn a lot from him.

One of the exercises was the first part of a nikkyo. Uke grabs nages gi and you're supposed to step off line and bring uke off balance. So M is the proverbial immovable object. Now I go to move and I can't because he's lowered his center and holds me with all his strength. Sensei shows me how I can lower my center way down as I'm moving and he has to move with me. So now about 90% of the time I can get him to move even when he resists. Better technique from me.

Sensei then shows the rest of the technique of grabbing the hand and attacking the wrist. So we practice this. I only get a couple in and sensei ends practice for this technique. I think I was doing fairly well for my level.

Only one nikkyo was performed on me correctly. We were doing 3 partner, monkey in the middle, practice. M wasn't grabbing my hand at all. He was grabbing my wrist. I didn't say anything to him per sensei's instructions. A few practices ago sensei commented to the class in general that you shouldn't be trying to help correct your partner. Some of the training is muscle memory and when you give someone something new to think about they reset the clock. Sensei says he sees someone doing something wrong but is willing to tolerate it at this time. It's up to him to correct the student. K did somewhat better but wasn't putting my hand up against/into his shoulder/chest correctly. He wasn't attacking the wrist either except for once.

We also did some knee walking. I had covered this in one class before the other beginners joined but doing this again was excellent as I see more than I used to. I think I do this better now. I'm going to combine this with my sword to exercise at home. Maybe this weekend I can find the time.

Then at the end of the night we had a practice test for the guy going for 4th kyu. He did generally very well. Sensei and F (the black belt) made some constructive comments. It was interesting to watch. The guy doing the test is in his twenties but was really working. It makes me wonder how I'd hold up trying to do that. I'm hopeful that when the time comes I'll have just built up the endurance and learned to pace myself well.

One other minor note for this practice... we started the class with a few breakfalls. I was doing a little better on the falls but amazingly better getting up. I used to have to stand up afterwards. During this practice I was able to sort of roll/stand up smoothly with less effort. Very cool!

DAPI: 1 ( woke up feeling like I had a good massage)
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