Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Harmonize With Your Partner

The beginning of the night I had once again walked into a nearly completed dojo. There were a few mats that needed to be placed but other than that everything else was done. So this time I bow as I enter the dojo and bow again to the kamiza. Not two minutes later we had sat in line and F asked me if I remembered to bow in. I said oh yes. I did. She smiled at me and said "good boy". Kind of teasing me a bit. Funny. One thing she did miss though is that another student K walked in and he did bow to the kamiza but in our dojo we do a bow from seiza for that. K merely did a standing bow. I didn't fink on him though.

Just before the night ended I managed to catch my toenail on the tatami and sort of bent the first third of it back for a moment. That really smarts. It was pretty much fine for about 10 minutes and then it started to bleed just a little. Before it got to that point I bandaged my toe up and helped with the breakdown of the dojo. I couldn't resist the comment....

Me: Hey sensei, I did really well harmonizing with my opponent today.
Sensei: Oh yes, you did great. (not understanding what I was getting at)
Me: I meant my toe(last week my partners toe was bleeding and is still bandaged)
Sensei: *chuckles*

Last night was one of the first nights since the newer beginners started that we had a real workout. Lots of throws. Mostly practicing heaven and earth throw. I had what I thought of as better luck the first class I did this. My biggest problem was that I was not sliding in far enough so I had to take and extra step to complete the throw.

Somewhere in the middle of class sensei McDade arrived. I think he's a first or second dan. He is an older man and has a kind of small frame. His technique seemed great to me though. At one point during his throw he repeated a movement with his hands over and over until I realized he was trying to teach me something. Then ... unfortunately, we had to change to partners.

So now I am working with F as a partner and she has to leave the mat for a moment. I'm left there with no partners and nothing to do so I decide to practice my breakfalls. I really need to practice those anyway. I did that for a short while until she got back.

At the end of the night we did suwari waza kokyo ho again for our warm down. At this point I had M (strong as an ox resistance guy) for a partner. I once again had problems finding his center. Sensei stopped us for a moment and showed me a couple of things that I can try. I managed to get my palms sort of together and my elbows high and he was way off balance at that point. I think it was the first time I did it the "right way". Neat.

Class ends and it's test time. Normally we test at other dojos but we wanted someone to test earlier than the scheduled tests because he's travelling far away soon(and it's only a 4th kyu test). This is why Sensei McDade showed up. Our sensei wanted a second person there to grade. McDade rated him higher than our sensei did. I'm pretty sure he passed although he thought his test was terrible. One thing I noticed was that he was a lot more winded for this real test than the "practice" test he took last week.

We all go out to a local bistro for a drinks and a bite to eat. It was a tad pricey but the food was great. I ordered a Hefeweizen. I don't drink beer often but when I do I like good beer. Basically it was family and friends of our newest 4th kyu(I assume he passed). During the meal sensei looked at me and said... "You're coming along". Before I could get him to give more detail the table discussion quickly changed. Bummer. Although, I'm not a kid and I don't really need a pat on the head, I am curious what aspects he sees getting better. Frankly I didn't think I was making any progress in the past week or two. I really miss Ikkyo. Maybe I was doing it wrong but it felt so right. One other thing was said that sort of surprised me. The guy going away said he'll miss my enthusiasm. I guess it shows through quite a bit. Unless translated this actually means.... 'you really stink at this but you sure do try hard'.

We had one guy in the class Z who seems to have disappeared. That bums me out as I really liked his intensity. Also, he was one of the few people I can partner with and not be too afraid of hurting. He did a few years of full contact kickboxing at some point. He's also a young guy. His shoulder was giving him some trouble so I am wondering if he's just taking a break or he's stopped. He did say he wanted to train in a hard art and it is possible that he just didn't want to do both at the same time.

DAPI: 2 ( feel real loose today. Toe hurts just a little)
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