Friday, September 23, 2005

No...NO... NO !!!

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I finally had a class that felt like nothing was working right. We started practicing side breakfalls. Gravity was doing it's work but I was thinking that I was doing things wrong. Sometimes when I learn something new I'll do a bunch of them and some will feel right. Nothing about this seemed right at all.

Then we moved on to a technique that is in the first grading test. Uke has to do a side breakfall for it. I don't happen to remember the technique. But.... you start with a same side wrist grab. Slide in and tenkan.... you break the attackers grip at this point....grab uke's hand now with the newly freed hand and tenkan back in front of them. You know have their hand up and their wrist twisted up a little. Turn a bit more and they can perform their ukemi(for us.. the side breakfall we learned). I did a terrible job learning this. In fact... sensei had to spend extra time with me just to get the basic movement correct.

If anyone knows the exact name of the technique please feel free to leave a comment. Feel free to leave comments in general. I am somewhat curious if anyone is reading these entries.

So I was still leaving the dojo happy as I'm just grateful I have the free time to train. Before I left I mentioned to Francesca that I felt as though I did quite poorly but wasn't discouraged by it. After all.... if you can't screw up as a beginner.... when can you? At this point she told me that it's a shame that I started learning so late. She says I still have good potential. She said she thought I had the right body type and really hold my center amazingly well.

Now.... what I didn't realize is that having a body type that is 20lbs overweight helps you in aikido. Good to hear. Maybe she was talking about general looseness of joints. Being aware of my center believe it or not came when I spent one Saturday night alternating between a bokken drill and practicing tenkans at home. The next class I attended made me realize that I changed my posture and how I use my center. All that progress from one night of practice at home. Amazing

Bummer is I want to practice more but don't have the free time to.

DAPI: 4 (forearms feel worked but generally ok)
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At March 20, 2006 1:55 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

I'm going back over some of my old entries..... I'm leaving any factual errors intact if there are any. What I wrote was my understanding at the time and it's the learning process that I am trying to document.

The technique I was having trouble with was a Katatetori Kotegaeshi.


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