Friday, September 16, 2005

Who's who.....

Ok.... I finally decided that using people's actual names is the way to go for this blog. Since I'm only using first names privacy is preserved for them. Also.... anyone that knows us is going to know who's who anyway....

So .... here is the current(we've had some come and go) line up for our small but growing dojo

Zacharia - Younger guy. Among the missing. He hasn't shown up in a couple of weeks. I hope to see him soon. He has a couple years worth of full contact kickboxing and is quite intense to work out with. We may have actually lost him.... no one has heard from him.

Francesca - Not sure if I have the name spelled correctly. Great to work with. She helps polish things up quite a bit. She helped me stop looking down during techniques.

Mike - A beginner. Gives huge resistance as uke. He's extremely strong as well. Although the resistance can be a pain for nage it can also be good for learning. You'll recognize him by the pools of sweat coming off of him. (That resistance doesn't come without exertion). I'd like to know if he eats wheaties or something. He's in better shape than me and is older.

Bella - Mike's wife. Also a beginner. Has been great to train with although I've not actually been partnered with her too much.

Matt - Younger guy(early twenties I think). Just tested for his 4th kyu test. Likely passed it. He left to travel and will be back in winter. Hopefully he'll come back to train. His martial arts background (TKD black belt) has him in great shape.

Kim - (oddly enough ... no.. he isn't asian) Started the same day as Mike and Bella. He also offers some resistance as uke. My biggest concern when working with him is I'm afraid of hurting him. I tend to be softer if I can while training with him. His resistance will cause him more body ache than necessary in the long run.

Greg - 4th Kyu who is closing in on a 3rd Kyu grade shortly. Watching him work is amazing. He acted as uke for Matt's test and did what I thought was an excellent job.

And ... last but not least....

Me - A beginner with about 3 or 4 weeks head start on the other beginners in the class. Training with me is an absolute pleasure. Last night was a riot... since it was just Kim and I. I took my place as sempai. Theoretically I could test for 5th kyu in November(I'll have the hours) but I'm guessing that because we are only training 2 days a week I'll have to add a month or two to make sure I really have things down. We shall see. I try to train saturdays when I can get to the other dojo but family life is interfering.


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