Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yes...YES... YES!!!

Last night was excellent. We did some kind of iriminage at one point. After we were doing a pin controlling the arm and lowered our center so uke goes down to the mat. Then connect that arm to our center and turn your body on an axis to stretch/cause pain to the shoulder.

Sensei gives me a small list of things to be mindful of while doing the pin. I thought I was keeping my back straight, apparently I wasn't. I now try again with and sensei is yelling.... yes...Yes...YES... YES!!! He tends to do that when I'm actually getting something right. I think he is even happier than I am about it. Loud positive reinforcement is kind of funny. Makes you feel good though.

Now the fun part..... Francesca performs the pin on me... and starts moving my arm up and twists.... and up and twists... and then says...."huh".... and then moves it a bit more... then I tap out. Didn't know it but apparently I have really loose shoulders. I think she had the attitude of "that was interesting, didn't think he'd be that loose". This is great... I'm thinking I am less likely to get hurt in this area because I am more flexible here. Also, one of the tricks was that I was able to totally relax that area so all I am doing is taking a stretch. I tap out at pain though.

Toward the end of class we tried to help Francesca train a bit. I think she is going for another rank as a black belt. I'm not sure but I think she is going for nidan soon. Since Kim's and my ukemi isn't up to par yet we tried a simple but effective exercise. We walked at a brisk pace at her doing different striking motions and she would just irimi or tenkan. This was really interesting. She was moving in and out of us pretty effectively but there were some moments where I actually waited a bit to give her time to deal with me. Maybe next time I shouldn't. I'll ask next time. Then sensei tried it. Wow.... he was paying a lot of attention to keeping us in each others way. At one point as I passed him I felt him tug at my collar a little and pull just a touch to one side. I decided that if we were going full speed that I would have been grabbed and thrown/pulled in that direction... so I changed direction of my walking and walked directly into an incoming attacker. Had that been full speed he would have used my attack to ward off another. This is exactly what he intended. I guess that's what you get when your a 4th degree(yondan I believe?). I was pretty psyched that I was able to harmonize with him and change direction in a realistic manner.

Mike and Bella didn't show up again. I am now wondering if they quit. I asked Sensei about it and he said that for the other dojo he teaches in they'll have a beginners class of 10 people and out of that class only 1 will continue on. I had no idea the dropout rate was that high. We shall see though. It could just be that work pressures pulled them out for a short time. I hope to see them again.

Kim had a great class too I thought. I'm not sure why, but he stopped resisting as uke. I don't know if he finally got it through or he was just afraid of getting hurt but there was no real resistance in him last night. I guess for the fist pin Francesca said he was resisting a little. I think he was a little apprehensive about letting someone pin him in this manner. Even if it's done subconsiously you can tighten right up. Both Francesca and sensei worked his shoulders over well to try and stretch him out. I will ask him later today how he feels.

As for me....

DAPI: 3 ( Shoulders feel a little worked today)
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