Friday, October 28, 2005

Fall....Get Up.... Repeat

So Kim and I show up for class with Francesca teaching. I guess she decided we needed a workout so we basically did throws all night almost non-stop. Very tiring. Kim seemed to have some problems working out some of the movements. Here is where I think sensei might be a little better of a teacher.... instead of letting him work the problem out.... Francesca changes the exercise. Then when that presents a problem to Kim.... she changes it again. Basically, she just confuses him by altering stuff so much I think. That's just my opinion though so what do I really know? I've only been doing this for 3 months. I just think that breaking it down might be better than changing it entirely.

Worked up a big sweat. One thing though.... the space in which we practice has the heat on and it was set so high it was 82 farenheight. We opened the skylights up and by the end of the night the temperature dropped way down ..... to 81.

I did pretty well picking stuff up last night.... One thing I thought was cool was Francesca asked me to be uke for something and didn't tell me what she was going to do. I was actually able to follow where she was leading me which meant less effort for uke. So at least I got better with harmonizing with my partner.

For the second time in my training I bent back the nail on a big toe. Last time made sense as the nail really was too long. This time it was ridiculous. The nail was cut way short yet somehow I still caught it. I think my nails are flexible and soft comparatively speaking. It didn't hurt but it bled just a little bit. I did it during suwari waza kokyu ho at the end of the night. I taped it up and we all bowed out at that point.

DAPI: 1 (Nice and loose)
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