Friday, October 07, 2005

I Miss Sensei

Well... once again it was just Kim and I with Francesca teaching the class. It's actually been a week since I've been to aikido. I had to miss a couple of classes. It is likely I will miss Thursdays class as well.

We were going to do a technique that required a forward roll but my rolls aren't up to snuff. We did some rolling practice. I think part of my problem is that I try to roll slowly so less energy to work with means that I have to really work to keep my arm and elbow from collapsing. I jammed my shoulder just a little bit but I didn't really hurt myself. Perhaps it would be easier if I were 20 lbs lighter?

We did some Shomenuchi Ikkyo.... I'm still stuck on some of the names for techniques... but we did omote and ura. Nothing too exciting. At this point I do Ikkyo sort of automatically. I realized that I don't think about where to place my hands or my feet. I just sort of do it. Once while acting as nage I stopped to ask a question. I had uke by the wrist and elbow, I had my center right in the correct place... but uke didn't want to go to the mat. It turns out that I was subconciously turning his arm to apply pressure and drive him down and he was waiting for me to start that. I had no idea I was even doing that. The next time I was nage I paid a lot of attention and noticed it.

DAPI: 3 ( shoulders a little stiff )
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