Monday, October 10, 2005

Picked Up An Extra Class

Terrific... I picked up a class on Saturday. It meets in the Salem dojo which is fun because I get to train with different people. On this occassion there were two people down from Lewiston Maine. They drove about two hours to get there.

The younger guy (Robert) was going for his 5th kyu test. I'm guessing that the older gentleman who showed up was his instructor. He wasn't a black belt but said something about practicing for 20 or 30 years. There was one other guy from Shodokan at the class (for a total of 4 people plus sensei). I think sensei wanted Robert to get to know his uke for the test so he partnered him with the Shodokan guy. His ukemi is better than mine so he's a better choice.

I find this to be a bit of a bummer. I do a lot of things really well... Some techniques I perform above my level. I hold my center amazingly well and I have some good control because of it. I just can't do a forward roll. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong but even my best roll jams my shoulder a little. I asked sensei about it and he didn't seemed concerned by it.

Partnering with the Maine instructor was interesting. He could take falls but his knees aren't the best any more. Sensei told us to let uke take the fall at his pace. I was following this instruction when my partner asked me to push him rather than letting him set the pace of the fall. I think he was just wanting to know that I could do it as I was being really gentle with him. So I still tried to be gentle and performed the technique.... His eyes popped open in surprise and said.... wow... ok... that's good. I didn't crush him or anything but I don't think he expected me to be able to do it effectively.

His student Robert did really well on the test. I was watching to see if I saw anything that I could improve on. It's not a big deal probably but I was always told to keep your feet together when you are on live toes to do a pin. I noticed he always kept his feet far apart. I tried it later on at home and thought this felt less powerful.... and more tiring to maintain position. I thought I saw him hesitate on one of the techniques which is probably fine. I also thought that I like to control the elbow more than he does. The instructor from Maine asked for a litle feedback. The only things sensei commented on is that they use a different entering move then what he was taught.... not wrong... just different. Also... Robert was taking a full tenkan in one direction but only a fivekan in the other.

I'm sure he passed.

Oh ... and before I forget.... Robert's ukemi looked really good... I'm not sure if he can harmonize with his partner but just watching him during warm ups.... wow.... beautiful rolls and breakfalls.

DAPI: 1 (ahhhh felt relaxed again)
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