Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yay...Small Progress

We spent a good third of the class just having me work on forward rolls. When sensei saw a few of them he asked me to stop. Then he had us doing some rowing exercises. Which then became varied such that the forward motion was way forward. After a bit of that we did a similar exercise while kneeling. Moving the arms in a wide circular diving motion with blade hands touching the ground.

Then he said to do that several times and at the count of 5, roll forward. I did a few of these and what do you know.... I didn't pound my shoulder for a change. Then we progressed where we just did a rolling drill back and forth. Some rolls were better than others but all of them were better than anything I'd previously done. Kim's rolls were always fairly nice looking so I don't he benefited as much as I did from the exercise.

Then we tried the roll from a standing position. I did a so so roll. Once that was done.... sensei wanted us to roll after a throw. So he stood there and threw each of us in turn....
First... Francesca.... fwoop.... nice roll
Then Kim.... Fwop..... Ok roll
Then me..... whump.... Crashed to the floor.

I got up chuckling... I think even sensei laughed at that one... and he said I was thinking too much. He may be correct... but what I was thinking at the time was that the floor looked further away while I was standing then when I was kneeling. I attribute my failure there as fear of getting hurt. After a while I'm sure this will pass. I really need to practice rolling more.

So... we moved on to a heaven and earth throw. One thing I noticed was that Francesca was actually throwing me harder than she used to. I was wondering what the reason was for this. Perhaps she's just helping me develop my breakfalls better..... although I have to say.... I did some great back breakfalls as her uke. So that got a little better. Maybe I need to "harmonize" with her more and start falling down with the throw rather than letting the throw put me down.
I'm safe either way so I'm not worried about getting hurt.... just concerned that I do what I'm supposed to as a beginner.

Are there any experienced folk out there who could answer that one?

DAPI: 1 (not even pain in the shoulder)
Day After Pain Index


At October 12, 2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Darth Daddy said...

"Day after pain index"..I like that!!


At October 17, 2005 12:38 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Well.... when you're starting this stuff for the first time at 40 I was guessing that I'd be in pain the day after training every day.

It turns out that most days I feel better the day after. In fact... right after a session I feel like I had a good massage.


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