Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Matt Came Back

Haven't seen him for months as he was travelling but Matt came back to train. Thursday night was just the two of us. In general is was a vigorous class. I sort of missed having a class that was aerobic. I really enjoyed it.

At one point he had us doing an Ikkyo exercise. We stand facing each other in hamni with the backs or our hands/wrists touching. Then we take turns Ikkyo'ing each other over and over again. Then... switch sides and do it again. This was a blast.

Actually before we even got into things he had us doing some rolling. I was very excited to have finally had a roll that actually felt good. It felt completely natural and not jarring in any way. Ok.... so there's one. Then I crushed myself trying to roll on the other side. Oh well... that's improvement.

I'm hoping he sticks around for a while and doesn't have to travel.

DAPI: 2 ( felt fine, ribs/shoulder improved next morning but was still a bit sore)
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