Monday, March 20, 2006

I Got a Beginner as a Partner

Sunday was a great class as usual. I actually had one of the worst rolling days ever in a while. I noticed that when I'm tired I do worse. Maybe I need to try to get a full nights sleep in before class. This is hard to do as I have so much to do usually. I batterred myself a little hard for the rolls. Between that and the heat coming on full blast I felt physically ill. I think it was the heat that really got to me. You can get me as cold as you like and I'm happy. I don't do well in the heat. Lot's of AC in the summer for me whenever possible.

So we worked on shihonage again and I got to work with a guy who has only had one class previous to this one. It gave me an interesting perspective. I've never worked with anyone just starting out before. My first throw I threw him at a slow/medium speed. The instructor came over to remind me he was a beginner. Now.... unlike the guy I had to work with Friday night... I actually listened. From then on I'd take him to the point of unbalancing and slowly let him take a fall.

I kept my mouth shut and let him work his way through the techniques as best he could and I let the instructor correct him. I feel as though I did a good job as uke for him.

Another partner I had was a very experienced girl who likely had a promotion or two under her. I can't really tell. She was very helpful, in that I could watch her do the technique and learn from it. We did some morotetori kokyuho. Moving her was kind of hard. I bend the elbow and lower myself but I don't think I'm using my hips as well as I should. She also felt like she was working hard. Maybe I was subconciously resisting or something? I hope not. Then again... I've felt other people do the technique who just bowl me right over.

I'll be skipping tonights class. I decided that I want my left arm to heal up as much as possible before wednesday. Thats the ukemi class I want to take. I want to be as fresh as possible for it. My arm/wrist doesn't hurt except in certain positions (sankyo, unbendable arm, etc). Also, the arm feels a little weaker than normal. I'd rather skip a couple classes and get a good ukemi lesson in than try to learn the ukemi while injured.

Left wrist originally hurt last week on Sunday class, was healing up fine until Friday nights beating. So now it hurts again. I don't think it got any worse because of Sunday. It got better.


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