Friday, March 10, 2006

I Know It's Been a Few Days

I won't need to post again really until after Sunday. My wife re-arranged her plans to allow for my disappearing on Tuesday and Thursdays. Because of the dojo change, there are no classes on Thursday and something else came up to make Tuesday not possible. After a while we will readjust schedules to make it easier for me to come. I'm planning on hitting the dojo at least on Sunday. I don't function well that early(as I'm a night owl), but the learning environment is so different from other days, I can't resist going.

I have to look at when I can go next week. I want to go a few days if possible.

As a side note, Kim attended a class on Wednesday night that we both thought was supposed to be a basic class(according to the web site). We now suspect from his experience that it was an advanced class. They were nice enough to work with him in every way possible. He was able to do his forward rollouts where everyone else was doing much more advanced ukemi. They even encouraged him to come to another class. I think that's terrific. No idea if he'll go or not.

I thought doing the roll outs for the basic class was challenging enough. I'm hoping though in a few more weeks, it will much easier for me to roll out of a technique as I'll have had more practice in general.


At March 13, 2006 3:22 PM, Blogger Poxbox said...

Ok... I found out that Kim did indeed attend a beginners class. But... Since most of the people in the class had a lot of experience and great ukemi, they ramped it up a bit.

Since Kim was doing fine with his rollouts, he did those... and the other guys did all kinds of falls.


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