Monday, March 27, 2006

Woof, Woof !!

It was kind of a nice class as they seem to focus on promotion requirements again which means I get to work on, and remember and improve.

At one point we were doing a Morotetori Kokyuho and it wasn't until the end that I started remembering that I was doing the footwork wrong. By then.... Jim noticed and commented just as I was working on it.

We also worked on Shomenuchi Nikkyo which I did so so on..... Tsuki Kotegaeshi which I did ok on, and some kind of really fast iriminage.

Overall it was a good class for me. I partnered with one guy at one point that I had never had before. He was great. His technique was good enough that I could feel the difference between him and others. I loved this guy. I hope I get to partner with him again. I think part of the reason I liked him is he seems to have a grasp of what I'm trying to learn now. I'm guessing he's a 4th or 5th kyu. It's all fresh in his mind.

If you're curious about the rolling report.... I did better overall and they were almost all comfortable. That wednesday class helped lots. Although at the end of class Jim mentioned that he thought I needed to not bend over as much and extend more. At least I'm using two hands and pushing off well now. Also, some of the ukemi practice we do is sort of a judo roll where we roll but sort of unfurl at the end and lay out flat slapping the mat. I did a little better at this then I had in the past.

Woof woof.... Some guy keeps bringing his cute dog to the dojo. I like the dog but was curious why bring it at all. I know some people that treat pets like people, bringing them everywhere... other's still are just scared that their pet would trash their home if left alone too long. He asked if I would walk him for 5 minutes to shake some of the boredom out of him. Although I did have somewhere to be.... I said yes as I had nothing urgent. I wanted to help since I think he was staying for a little extra help for the promotions test coming up. Unfortunately, the dog wouldn't go anywhere. Call it loyalty, fear of abandonment, who knows.... that dog wouldn't move 2 feet from the outside of the dojo door. So I sat on the bench outside in the beautiful weather as long as I could. Also... the dog was starting to bark endlessly.

Then I got to wondering, is it typical to bring an animal into the dojo? I mean.... it can't take it's 'shoes' off. The dojo does have a cat.... but it's an indoor cat as far as I know. And... for some reason, the two times it(the dog) started barking the most was when we were bowing out. One time sensei Mulligan looked a bit peeved as he was trying to speak and no one could hear him over the noise.

Shoulder and left wrist still hurts related to injury from a while ago. No new injuries.
I tapped out a little early on the left side out of paranoia. I'm getting tired of long lasting pain.


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