Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friday Night

There were two other students and one instructor. So... the instructor would take me aside, and give me a few corrections/pointers for a given technique.... then set me loose on the other two guys. Meanwhile, they were pounding each other pretty good getting a good workout.

Usual stuff going on. The other two guys were great... they gave me a few pointers such as offbalancing.... covering/protecting my face as uke, and one bit of ikkyo advice, which was... for ura. I do a great tenkan for this technique but I don't corkscrew uke down. So... if he wants, he can simply follow me around and still be on his feet. I have to corkscrew/spiral down.

Other two guys got introduced to my nikkyo resistant wrists. I believe I heard something like..... "whoa.. look at that"... "I'm jealous of those wrists". They just went to the vertical pin instead and got me to tap out right away. Don't think by the way that I'm confusing an unusual body feature with talent or technique. It's nice to have some small advantages but it isn't through skill. It's just the way I am.

One other thing that came to mind..... I've always been told to keep uke's arm in tight for shihonage, presumably because I'm a beginner. These two guys wanted me to crank them a bit so after a couple of corrections, I did the more advanced version torquing the elbow out just a bit. I could have done that all along but was told not to. I guess I have to judge my partners skill level and practice accordingly. Or.... have a quick agreement as to what's ok to do.



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