Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hey Mom Look... I Can Rollout

I had a great night. At this point I can't remember everything we did but foremost on my mind was a technigue where uke had to rollout. This is the first time I ever did rollouts comfortably. Aside from the class I did a long time ago that hurt my ribs. I've never done a class that needed more than 3 or 4 rolls. In this class I must have done something like 20 I'm sure. Now... not all of them were pretty... but every single one of them was comfortable and few of them I think were actually correct. This is a huge breakthrough for me. Don't get me wrong.... I still need to work on rolls, but at least I can go to a class and not have massive pains doing a rollout. My thanks to my partner Rebecca. She was excellent in throwing me in such a way to aid in my rolling. She almost made it easy.

We switched partners quite a bit. Once again at one point I had the guy who cranked me a couple times in the past couple weeks. He's improving his control. He's finally figuring out my limits I think as he was generally taking it wasy on me. Not only did he not hurt me this time, but gave me some good advice on how to be a better uke for the particular technique we were practicing. We were doing a lot of shihonage I believe.

All throughout the night I was getting a good number of corrections from the instructor. I actually like this and am used to it. When I was in the other dojo with just two students there is not hiding. Everything is commented on. She was wondering if I felt picked on.... not at all. I'm happy to have the attention. Hopefully I was able to make the corrections.

One correction that amuses me was to do a tenkan after the rollout to face your opponent. A great idea and habit from a budo point of view. No one ever told me to do it since I never really did rollouts. Great practice for my ukemi.

This was just an all around great class.

I did have one odd experience though. At the end of the night we did some suwari waza kokyuho and my partner was trying to tell me how I should be doing it. He asked me to do it the regular way and he resisted a little. When I did it the way he asked he didn't resist at all and just fell over without my doing anything. I thought it was kind of funny. And.. no... it wasn't that the technique that he asked me to do was a bad idea. It's just that he "took a dive" to prove his point. Still it was interesting to listen to as the idea behind it was good.. I just wish I could try it against someone who actually will resist it a little. He was suggesting connecting my center to the motion and sawing upwards (not a bad idea as you always want to move with your center) .

Gotta go for now...

Leftover pain from previous weeks


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