Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Roll Therefore I Am

I'm pretty sure I exist. If I didn't I wouldn't have pain the next day. I seem to be having a small problem where the sensei of our dojo doesn't either recognize or remember me for some reason. Maybe I have just one of those faces. I didn't think much of it but a week ago we had a dojo spring cleaning.

After Sunday's class I managed to hang around to pitch in. I started with helping to sweep the hallway out so the carpet could be cleaned. Moved some furniture. Cleaned under some couches and in them. Then sensei himself sent me outside to help somone pick up. The person doing the task decided that raking everything up was a better idea. So the two of us raked and bagged about 10 bags of material including dead plants, glass bottles, nips, a saw blade, and one very interesting adult publication. After it was done, sensei sent me on my way and said everything was completed. He was quite happy with the turnout.

So... Last week before class started he asked that the aikido folk do the usual in-house cleaning before practice. Apparently, very little had been done. He said that the beginners were excused from the cleaning and one other guy because "he had come in to help last weekend". So... either sensei forgot I was there... or doesn't know my name.... so seeing as I was not excused, I picked up some glass cleaner and went at it. I don't mind helping out. Fast forward to last night.

I couldn't go to class Monday night so last night I came in really early. I got to the dojo before sensei even had actually. I had stayed in my car for a few minutes because I wanted to read something. So, I basically said hello to him on the way in while he was getting stuff out of his car. Actually, I offerred to help and he said no thanks. I dress, and bow on to the mat. Since I had a ton of time I stretched, practiced shikkyo and tenkans with a wood disc on my head. Did a few rolls. Then I hear someone come in for aikido. Then when the instructor showed up, sensei made some comment about the class increasing 50% and that the other person had come in. Almost like he wasn't registering my existence for yet a second time. Really odd. I know when he's teaching he sees me fine. I can tell by the fact that I get a good number of corrections from him.

Anyway..... off to last nights fun. The Tuesday night class is a little shorter than the other classes as we have to leave the mat for the judo folks. As a result the instructor wanted to have a really vigorous class. So we ended up doing lines for most/all of the class(3 students and the instructor) where the instructor also took turns as nage and uke. Mostly we were doing varying kinds of kokyu ho. I couldn't begin to tell you the names. I did so so as nage but I was very happy with my ukemi overall. 95% of the ukemi was a roll. Mostly the rolls were those funny wobble rolls I described. I did a bunch of them right. A few wrong and the rest just ok. It was definite improvement for my ukemi. About three quarters of the way in I realized I was breathing hard but since the more experienced student next to me in line was also winded I didn't feel too bad.

During one throw, I wasn't moving in the direction that I was supposed to as uke.... so nage grabs my head and tried to move me. It didn't hurt at the time but I think it resulted in a stiff neck.

Neck stiff this morning.


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