Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Took Two Classes Last Night

The first class was great. I seemed to be doing a lot wrong lately though. Even during shihonage I wasn't unbalancing my uke enough. This became obvious when uke resisted and threatened a strike to my face. If he's able to do that so easily.... I know I was doing something wrong. The instructor came by to fix me up a bit. I'd really like to try all that again to see if I 'got it'. Same thing with a kotagaeshi we were doing.

It seemed like a night of almost doing it right. I'm not sure if I just never got corrected before on my mistakes for some of these techniques or I was falling into bad habits last night.

My ukemi was a mixed bag. Early on I worked with this guy who tends to do strong techniques. The throw he did is supposed to require a rollout. He was lifting me so high that I did more of a backflip. It didn't hurt at all, it just was kinda high and I landed with a loud thud. After that he eased up a bit and I was able to do proper rolls. The good part of this was that I was able to fall and not hurt myself. I'm getting better overall at protecting myself. Which brings me to the second class.

I felt all warm and although a little tired I wasn't exhausted or anything so I decided to take the second class. Although scheduled as a 'Basic' class the reality is that more often than not the black belts all work out in this session. I'm sure my presence slowed their practice a tad as I had to be shown one or two things for each technique to keep everyone safe. Even still, during one technique I inadvertently held on to my uke right through the fall. Judging by the look on his face and the feigned atemi to my head, I knew I held on too long. Then sure enough the instructor running the class told me to let go earlier. Hell, letting go at all would have been nice. I felt kind of bad. To his credit, this instructor who was my abused uke for the throw didn't take it out on me when I was uke. Actually, everyone seemed to have a good amount of patience with me making beginner mistakes.

I've had better ukemi on other nights but nothing I did hurt. If nothing else I was psyched I managed one mostly correct breakfall. One where you totally flip over and land on your other side. It was cool. The person that threw me was a 4th kyu who unlike the instructors didn't worry about taking it easy on me. So she threw me with commitment and I took my ukemi with commitment. I'm so tentative on the breakfalls that I'm not making them work yet. That one though, I did mostly because I think I simply had no choice. After I landed I looked up and I saw the line of black belts grinning at me and one asking me how that felt. It really felt ok. In fact, it felt better than the rollout attempts I was doing. I guess I got some distance on the fall too. I have no idea why that's a good or bad thing. Maybe it just looked nice. It was certainly more comfortable than the hip throws I took a few weeks back.

That one correct breakfall made the whole night worthwhile. Maybe next time I'll be able to do two. Although..... I still need to learn to rollout better.

At the end of the night, the instructor said I did well. I think he's nuts..... I did lousy... but I did fair on the techniques for someone at my level and although my ukemi was eh... I didn't get hurt from any attempted rollouts and hey... I had one really nice breakfall. I would love to come again but I can't usually make Wednesday nights. Too bad too.... since I think if I did attend this class my ukemi would get better faster. Or... maybe I'd just get dead. :)

Wrist hurt on a Sankyo. Apparently I'm too stupid to move where I'm supposed to. It took a moment for it to register and for me to remember that I needed to move. I remember exactly which sankyo did it.... but not who applied it(not that it matters... my own fault really).


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