Sunday, April 16, 2006

Oh, My Knees

Yes, it's suwari waza time. We did a few techniques this way. Before even starting we put a block of wood on our head and walked and shikkyo'd around a bit.... then we did a tenkan drill. I did real well that night. I think I lost my block only once and it wasn't even during the tenkans.

On to suwari waza... When doing the Ikkyo I found the ura version to be a lot easier than the omote. I can tenkan on one knee(and fivekan on the other)..... what I have problems with is following uke. I stop the strike early and "step in" to off balance but uke seemed to fly backwards so fast I had to scoot forward just to keep up with him.

Then at one point we got to do some tenchinage. As usual, I had the instructor correct my extension. It seems to be a general problem that I have that I always need to watch out for. It was kind of nice doing ikkyo and tenchinage in one night. It helped me gauge where I am for the most part.... especially since we hadn't done either one in what seems like months. My ikkyo is still fine for my level. I needed a correction for tenchinage regarding my posture but I seemed to work it out.

After class I did a couple of normal forward rolls..... no problem. Then I tried a couple wobble rolls. I didn't do them as well as I did last class so I decided to quit while I was ahead.

Wrist/arm still healing up from previous weeks


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