Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weird Wobble Rolls

So I went to class on Tuesday night this week instead of Monday. Instructor was not able to come so another instructor was nice enough to fill in for him. As a result class started a bit late. Sensei popped his head in and told us to warm up so when she came we could start right in.

I stretched a whole bunch as usual and even did a few rolls. First from squatting... then standing... then did a few backward rolls. I practiced walking around and shikkyo with a piece of wood on my head. I did better at it the other night in class. I tried a few tenkan during shikkyo. My right side is easier for me but I'm improving overall.

When the instructor arrived we bowed in and started right up with ukemi practice. Did a bunch of the usual rolls.... then we did the wobble rolls. It seems like I see these in every weekday class now. It's basically doing a roll from a standing position sort of off to the side. You roll off one shoulder and end up sitting sort of. I never seem to get my legs in the right position at the moment but I have bigger problems with it. The first few times I tried it a week or so ago I nailed my lower back. It felt like I had muscle spasms in the small of my back for 5-10 minutes. Well.... last night since there were only 3 students the instructor was able to give me a little extra attention. I started improving. I wouldn't call them comfortable but at that point they weren't hurting as much.

We moved on to doing techniques.... we did lots of tsuki. We did a kotegaeshi, a shihonage(omote and ura) and some other technique I don't know the name of. The kotegaeshi, I would love to do more of. It's on the first test and mine needs work still. I have an ingrained habit apparently. Whenever someone does a tsuki strike and I step back offline I go for an ikkyo grab. So I had to remember to grab from underneath instead of over. I still am not smooth for this. I need to do 1000 more please.

Then we tried doing a technique that has uke rollout with a wobble roll. Apparently you can take a forward roll but it is more naturally handled with the wobble roll. My first few were not good. With some help and practice they noticeably got better. They may not have been correct but they were mostly comfortable. Either that or my tolerance for pain has gone up? :) I'm just hoping that when we do them again on Friday that I can remember how. The one thing I remember the most was when I gave a little push off and put more energy into it, somehow it got easier.

The shihonage was ok. I have to think less about this one. Perhaps because we have been doing it lately.

I got a few corrections for all techniques and tried my best to improve. At one point the instructor said that I did the shihonage a lot better than the previous one and looked as though she wanted to know what I did different. I entered deeper. Frequently, right after I do a technique I realize what I just did wrong. Unfortunately, in "monkey in the middle" practice you have to wait a while to try it out again and thats assuming the instructor doesn't switch techniques on you.

Still old things hurting but getting better. Banged my knee Sunday as uke on kotegaeshi. Left arm is at 99% still from bad nikkyo aggravating the bad kotagaeshi I took which aggravated the original ikkyo pin injury.
Chad Gadya anyone?

Also... as an fyi, you can assume from week to week that I have small bruises on my wrists and arms. Since they don't really hurt I don't mention them much or at all. Currently I have one thumbprint on my left bicep.


At April 13, 2006 2:58 PM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

Bummer, the university's not letting me make the trip to Boston. If I'd just received the job offer two weeks later...

Maybe sometime soon.


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