Monday, April 10, 2006

What Just Happened?

Sunday morning was a good class as well. We did a lot of stuff requiring a tsuki strike. One technique coming to mind was a nikkyo where you step back.... grap with the crosshand and at that point it's just like shomenuchi nikkyo (omote). We spent a chunk of time on how to pin people a certain way for that. With one hand on the elbow, you scrap sort of toward the hand. The other hand has uke's hand in a nikkyo and just pushes in right back.

My partner was having some trouble getting the nikkyo on me. I suggested she just pin my arm up higher and that gets me feeling the nikkyo more. I got a taste of my own medicine as it were.... in discussing the pin, the instructor asked me to pin him. I pushed as hard as I possibly could and couldn't even affect him. That must be what it's like for others trying to pin me. I don't know if its having strong wrists... or loose wrists that help but I seem to have them to some extent. Remember a few posts ago.... Cape Ann was down to Kim and I at one point.... when Kim starting doing techniques to people he was killing their wrists. He had never worked with anyone else to any degree. Once he realized that I wasn't normal he started backing it down a bit for other people.

Now that I think about it.... I actually wake up from sleeping with a wrist bent way down. I nikkyo myself at night.

Then I think I remmeber us doing a kotegaeshi. I banged my knee up a bit trying to receive a faster one. I watched others do it. It seems as though I'm not throwing myself down correctly. That I'm bending the knee as I'm going down and I'm not always hitting my side. So I hit the knee with my full body weight on the way down.

What Just Happened!?
At the end of class we did these judo hip throws. Very simple... you have to step into uke, stick your hip out, get low, grab as low as you can, and wheeee.

This was my very first throw as uke. I got into position with nage and then blinked.... one second I was standing there, the next I was on the ground. It seemed near instantaneous. My hip felt like it took a little harder hit than the rest of my body but not too too bad. The instructor was there the whole time to observe me. He asked.... how'd that feel? I said.... I don't know, what's it supposed to feel like? He said.... "well... your getting up quick enough and you landed great"

Overall.... I land perfectly every time but I didn't effectively slap the mat every time. It's just that the throw is happening so fast that there is no time to think. I have no idea which way is up until it's too late. I imagine as I get used to it I'll be slapping the mat automatically. We do some judo rolls at the beginning of most classes for ukemi practice. I can see how this is going to make those feel easy in comparison.

Knee hurts a little. Left wrist just a touch weak in one direction from previous injury.


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