Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yawn.... Sunday Morning.... Yawn

I'm feeling the ebb and flow..... my ukemi on Tuesday night was great. I was flying around doing rollouts with no problems. Sunday morning.... although I never really hurt myself...... I didn't feel as though my ukemi was great that day. So... I've had worse days.... and definitely better.

I believe we had 3 other students.... one brand new beginner, one experienced... and one black belt... and me of course.

We switched around partners at times. The black belt didn't want to take falls.... I'm guessing he hurt something in another class. This guys ukemi is usually good. The biggest problem with working with him most days is he tends to be self involved. He'll take 8 turns in a row and give you 2. He frequently barrage's the instructor with questions and if (the instructor is) not around may stop in the middle of practice to watch everyone else. Last week when he was taking falls, I had a problem where he wouldn't hold on to my wrist for a given technique. It was kind of annoying.

The new beginner was tough to work with at times. He's still working on his rolls. If we have to do a rollout, you feel kind of bad because he goes over in a sideways roll thats got to hurt some.

Towards the end of class we were working on a kotagaeshi. As far as I'm concerned I can't get enough practice for this since I almost have it kind of right. The last comment made by the instructor was that I was doing a so so tenkan. Part of that is not wanting to hurt people. I have it ingrained in my head that if I do a full speed tenkan that I will hurt uke. At the time I had a guy who has excellent ukemi so I suppose if I can't abuse him.... I can't do anyone.

Even after all this time, I'm still trying to get over the mental hurdle of not wanting to hurt other people. I am too tentative at times. I have had no martial arts experience in the past and this has been a bit of programming that's hard to break for me.



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