Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2 Classes no details...

Sorry I haven't kept this up.... my house flooded recently with all the rains so as a result I haven't been to any classes.

Friday nights class.... We did a variation of Ikkyo. I did ok with this. My uke kept straightening his arm out so I ended up with his arm pronated and he wasn't as off balance as I would have liked. Most uke's move a little more for you. This guy is strong and doesn't move unless you move him. Good practice actually. Someday I may want to do this technique on someone and they aren't going to necessarily allow me to bend them at the elbow and push. Overall this class made me sweat but I noticed that it didn't seem to push me physically. Ukemi for ikkyo just isn't that taxing.

Sunday morning I astounded the instructor by touching my toes. I've always been tight in the legs. My entire life I've never been able to touch my toes. Somewhere along the line I've increased my flexibility. This is good as it can prevent future problems.

I was a little out of it for this class. We warmed up with an exercise or two that gave us a rollout. That felt good.

Thats it for now.... I may class for a week depending how much progress I can make drying my home out.

DAPI:1 x2
I feel wet.


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