Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Did 2 Classes Back To Back

1st class we started a little slow and quickly picked up the pace. By the time class was over I had a great workout going. As usual I have very little memory of what we were working on. I seem to remember doing some kind of ura shihonage. After getting a hint from my partner I was doing this real well I think. I felt really loose so my rolling was better overall than a couple weeks ago.

The second session was more of an advanced session. It was me.... some other kyu who had decent ukemi, and half dozen or so black belts of varying degrees. It was a great session. I didn't always get the ukemi.... in fact I likely did 95% of the ukemi wrong but I never got hurt. Probably the only technique I did fairly well on was tenchinage. At least with that one I didn't have to think too hard on what to do. For me attending a class like this I spend as much time studying people's ukemi as I do studying the technique. So in that way its a little harder to pick stuff up. I imagine as I improve this will get better. I'm just really grateful we have such a great group of people at Shodokan. They are supportive and helpful and I'm lucky to be training with them.

Stiffness in my shoulders but I think its from stress and not aikido.


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