Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Iriminage Is My Friend

Part of last nights class was doing some iriminage. We did so much of that at Cape Ann that it's one of the few techniques that I feel that I have down pretty well for my level of ability. It was nice to do it though since its been a while. We started out from cutting down uke's hand, entering and then doing a tenkan while they are off balance. Then as they try to stand, raise them up and over and down. The instructor suggested that I not have uke so far down... that I go for a different angle instead. Oddly enough I had Kim as my partner for this. Kim was the guy I used to see a lot of at Cape Ann. So... it was like old home week for me.

The other positive thing from last night's session was that I got to work with the kendo instructor. This guy is usually excellent to work with. He led me through the nikkyo. After a few corrections from him I was doing the technique fairly well. We even worked out one problem I was having with the grip. The technique starts out with where uke is doing a shomen strike. You block it with the crosshand and use the same side hand to grab the elbow. Slide the cross hand on the back of uke's hand and maintain contact without actually grabbing. The hand on the elbow slides down but maintains its grip( I was letting this grip rotate around at first). You take uke's balance. You step in... tenkan... then lift the hand up to the shoulder for a nikkyo. After we had that down we added an ura component where when uke comes up you push through him and tenkan.

As far as ukemi goes.... This particular instructor seems to love those wobble rolls. On this occasion I again couldn't do them during ukemi practice. I'm sort of close though.... the instructor asked me to stand still... he comes up, adjusts my hip a little, moves my rolling arm a bit... and gives me a push. That roll wasn't bad. It felt a little hard but the essential motion was there. I think I finally figured out what it is about this roll I have a problem with. The roll is like this.... instead of facing forward.... you are facing at like 1:30 .... about a 45 degree angle. then you sort of bend down towards the rolling arm and roll at an angle. You then roll across your shoulder to your back and end up on your but with your legs in a V. My problem with the roll... is that when I look down at the mat, I see myself putting my entire body weight on my rolling arm which I know won't work. Now... when I shift my body and roll forward.... I don't think that way.... at least ... not any more. So somehow I have to train my body to curl in the correct manner to make this roll comfortable. This is maybe why I've done them successfully during a technique and yet can almost never do them in ukemi practice. During a technique I have no time to think and just throw my energy into it.

After class the instructor commented that he's seen some improvement in my practice. It didn't occur to me at the time but I was wondering if he meant.... in the past week... the past month.... or since I got to Shodokan. I think I see definite improvement since I started there. If nothing else... I've had the benefit of many instructors and been able to do more than 2 classes a week which is all that was offerred at Cape Ann.

Hand feels better from sankyo from Wednesday. Nothing new bothering me.


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