Monday, May 08, 2006

Koshinage - Keep a Firm Center as Uke

We did our usual warm ups and ukemi. Overall... my rolling has improved but still needs a little work. I am at the point that I feel really comfortable with it finally. I am still a little weak on my left side. For the past couple weeks I started rolling from my right side to let my left arm/wrist heal up. So at the very least I was taking one less roll on that side. Unfortunately, I feel as though that side needs more work.... so starting sunday, I am rolling with my left side first to get an extra roll on that side if possible. I still can't come up in a tenkan after a roll. When other people do this it looks smooth. I feel as though, I'm coming up and then doing the tenkan after. This is not what I should be doing. My backwards rolling is a mystery to me. I seem to be able to get over both sides with no problem now. Sometimes I think I'm doing them correctly and other times I'm not so sure.

One of the techniques we did in the class was sort of a shomenuchi nikkyo ura. This is similar to what we did on Monday's class. Unfortunately for some reason it seemed harder for this class. I did some ok ones in there. Getting different aspects of it correct while others not. My vertical pin is abymsal. I have to stare at the hand for 2 minutes to figure out which way it goes.

Now we moved on to Koshinage. I was fumbling through it a bit and then we changed partners. I got an instructor as my uke. Between his advice and the help of the instructor for this class I was improving greatly. I'd say I was doing the technique fair.... but my ukemi for it got better by far.

One of my general problems as uke is giving to much or being too soft. In the case of this hip throw I was letting myself get so limp that the everything at the hips and below followed the top half of my body. This means that I was sort of in an L shape when I hit the ground. So.... There is less area to spread the impact over and worse yet, my legs were accellerating as I hit the ground because of the angle of everything. So, my feet came down with a whack. My partner commented on this after I mentioned the foot whacking and I tried to keep a firmer center. You don't necessarily want to be like a plank of wood but firmer is better for this. After that, the throws felt much more comfortable. I still get disoriented when going upside down but I'm doing a little(slightly) better at slapping the mat as I come down. A good deal of the fear of this fall is gone.

I felt as though this was great practice since.... if I can get over the fear of this fall.... I can generally improve a lot of my ukemi.

(Mostly muscle ache but not related to aikido. I did yard work right after)


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