Saturday, May 20, 2006


Ok... this is the first class I took that the instructor stuck with one technique for the whole class. We did sankyo for 95% of the class. We did it suwari waza.... we did hanmi handachi... we even did some standing ushiro tekubitori versions of sankyo. After all this my left wrist started hurting a little.

On top of this.... I happen to get Kim (from Cape Ann) as a partner. Kim had one class one night with one of the instructors as his partner where they did sankyo. Kim can do a fairly good sankyo. At the very least... I can tell you, when he does it... I can feel it. So, he imparted some knowledge about grips and so forth. So having Kim as a partner was a mixed blessing. He could do it well(and you could learn from it).... but he could do it well(and it could hurt).

There was even one moment that I tapped out but not loud enough... so Kim twisted me some more... which brought me hopping to my toes.... tapping louder.

I'm not sure if Kim is 100% right on the 'takedown'. But his sankyo grip was great.

I remember Sensei Bob once told me that a lot of people will find that one or two techniques come naturally and they do them real well. That these are the techniques that you may end up using in a real situation because you perform them well. I'm wondering if this is Kim's technique. It seems to me that he does sankyo a good deal better than other techniques. I think this is going to be one of the ones he 'owns'.

After class was down I felt great and ready to do more. It seems this particular instructor picks techniques that require less intensive ukemi. I don't get nearly the workout in his class that I get in others. This is kinda nice in general but when I've missed the more rigorous monday night class it's actually kind of a bummer. I like a good workout.

Walk in the park.


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