Monday, May 22, 2006

Tsuki Sunday

We did tsuki irminage, tsuki nikkyo and then ushiro tekubitori sankyo.

My biggest problem with the iriminage is that I have a tendency to project uke out instead of down. And ... yes, it would be nice to get someone out of your face but getting them on the ground is better. I tried to practice my j-step for this, stepping behind uke as I move forward.

One correction that was made right away was making sure I deflect the attacking hand better.

For the nikkyo, I did ok. I usually feel like I have good control when I grab someone in this fashion.

The sankyo was pretty much the same one we did on Friday night. The instructor made a few corrections for me. So now I'm wondering if Kim had it wrong or that he simply learned a different way from another instructor. I'll have to figure that out someday. I told Kim about the differences to see what he thought.

One thing that was different. Frequently one of the other instructors makes it to Sunday's class and I was lucky enough to be uke for him for a couple techniques. For the pin he decided to really pin me way up. He gave my shoulder a real nice stretch. On another one I tapped out early because he was moving a little too fast for the stretch to be comfortable. I'm really flexible there but even I can't be cranked that high in a quick manner. It has to be slower when I take that kind of stretch. The nikkyo pin he did on me was pretty good. He had to push really hard and I could have basically ignored it longer but since he got tingles out of my arm and he was really pushing I tapped out. The reality was that I never really felt pain.

If you really want to horizontal pin someone like me with strong flexible wrists you can try one of two things. Raise my arm higher above my head(not great since I can spin out), or create a circle with your arms and push together, with one hand sliding across the elbow/arm and another grabbing the wrist. Make sure the wrist is turned a bit with the pinky finger turned toward uke for maximum effect. People never seem to turn the wrist and it makes a huge difference on me. If I've done a bad job describing this feel free to ask questions. Keeping in mind of course that it's coming from an ungraded beginner. It works on me though.



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