Friday, August 18, 2006

Monday Night Bob

Class started a few minutes late. Perhaps Bob got caught up in some bad traffic getting to the dojo.

Most of us had been warming up before he came on the mat which I think he knew. He did sort of a speed warm up. We did some ukemi practice. We did a few rolls. My rolls although comfortable still aren't where I'd like them to be still. We then tried rolling over partners. Someone moves ahead 6 feet and sits on their knees similar to seiza and keeps their head down. Partner does a forward roll and becomes the hurdle for their partners turn.

Then we did it again but Bob wanted us to use our partner as a platform. I don't know if he wanted a breakfall but that was the most obvious thing for me to do so I attempted a left breakfall and then a right. I'm sure they weren't textbook but they were comfortable landing.

The advanced class Diana and I stayed and Bob had us doing jo work again. We once again were learning a 31 step jo kate..... 31.... not 21 as previously posted. That shows you how much I need to learn. I don't even remember how many steps are in the thing.

The first time we did it I felt like I could follow Bob's motions better. This time I did some from memory. After screwing up step 2, I think I kept up with Diana until around 7 or so. It is slowly sinking in. Everytime we do it. I just need practice.

Then we did some partner practice. I come in with a tsuki strike with the jo and Diana deflects it, steps offline and strikes with her own tsuki. We did this for a while back and forth.

I can't remember what exactly went on in that class at this point as several days and another class has passed. If I remember more I'll edit this post.

Wrist again


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