Saturday, September 30, 2006

Attended a Class With Shira

A large number of instructors have moved on from Shodokan. One of them has taught a free aikido class at Salem State once a week. I emailed to show my face say hello and practice. Matt was unavailable and he asked Shira to teach so off we went.

What I expected to see was a group of young students who have had 2 classes. What I ended up seeing were some familiar faces.

Shira warmed us up (tons of stretching) and we did the normal ukemi practice. I'm starting to dissect my ukemi a little. I can land safely enough and rolling is obvious but for the weeble rolls.... I was wondering if I'm doing a true weeble roll or something between a weeble roll and a breakfall. In other words I don't think I'm turning over like I should be. I'll have to look at this more.

We did some line work with a few different kokyunage. I'll be darned if I know the names. I've done most of them before.

We did some extensive tenchinage work. First working on the earth hand and then the heaven hand. One of the obvious things was something I was missing. For the earth hand you need to bring them down in the correct direction. Basically the hand goes down and you want to bring uke's hand to where he has no balance. This is usually perpendicular to where the legs are set. In other words, think of ikkyo. When you pull the '3 legged table' you pull toward the missing leg.



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