Sunday, September 10, 2006

Can't Get Enough Ikkyo

We started off with Alan teaching. He warmed us up with some stretches and then some rolls. He then started us off with suwari waza ikkyo. I was doing pretty well with this. Then he moved us on to a standing technique of some kind..... then around this point sensei Mulligan asked if I would be a partner for one of the new people.

A long while back in one of Shira's Tuesday night classes a group of three younger folk came in to watch. They signed up and apparently started. They were practicing an ikkyo starting from a crosshand wrist grab. Move the hand in a big circle up and around and then into the ikkyo. This was one of the most interesting classes I've had in a while. It's rare for me to actually train with someone who has lots less experience then me. I did my best to be a good uke for him. Right or wrong I decided rather than just simply moving my hand around I'd keep it in front of me and start moving with my hips so I am moving from my center. Then I would come down with really nice extension and then take a step or two for the pin. Sensei Mulligan commented that he liked my upright posture and extension for this. Nice to know I can get some aspects of a technique right.

A little ways in sensei Mulligain asked if I wanted to continue with the regular class and I offerred to stay with the beginners so the new guy would have a partner (there were 3 of them). Sensei was quite appreciative. It was really no big deal and there is always some aspect I can always refine. Also, I had an interesting experience being sempai for a change. Pretty much everyone in the dojo has more experience than I do.

One of the funniest things working with the new guy was that I was pinning him slowly to be careful and he started struggling to get up quite a bit just as I was putting his arm down slowly on the mat. Sensei looked over and laughed and said.... "He's going slow and being gentle with you and your fighting". He was getting no where and he was still getting pinned but I imagine he was getting tired faster. I must have been doing the pin correctly because I found it quite easy to keep him there.

I forgot to mention it to sensei but I meant to tell him that he was hyper extending my elbow on the ikkyo pin. He wasn't doing it hard enough to cause any damage and released it when I tapped but I'd be concerned that if he did it to someone else they could take some elbow damage.

Other interesting things I noticed were things like..... his confusion over who's attacking who and what wrist to grab with what hand. These are all familiar to me. It's been a while since I had those particular issues but I do remember it. He also had tried resisting in different areas occassionally.

One thing I noticed was his physical condition. I think the ikkyo pin was hurting him and he wasn't tapping out.... I'm not sure. I kept asking and I wasn't getting a clear answer. I tried to be careful.

Here is a guy probably half my age that seems so off-balance when put down in an ikkyo.... and seemed out of breath at times just from a light workout. It's really given me an appreciation for the benefits I've gained in the past year from aikido. I hope he sticks with it.



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