Sunday, September 17, 2006

Cool.... a Repeat of Last Sunday

This is two similar classes in a row so I'm guessing this will be the format for Sunday's. Peter, who teaches this class has us do a kokyunage of some kind. A line technique of some kind and then a technique(probably from a test).

Today's line technique was similar to a technique I had done in the long gone advanced class I used to attend. I believe Peter called it a jujinage. Basically, uke walks up and grabs the same side wrist. Nage does a tenkan while raising his hand up with blade side out. Take a step back and pull uke around to face you... grab the attacking hand with the attacked wrist hand. Use your other hand to grab the other arm/wrist and use one arm to pin the other by crossing uke's arm. Do this while taking a j-step.

The one in the advanced class a long while back had the second hand grab precipitated by an atemi to uke's head, When he blocks you grab the second arm and then do the throw.

Most of the class we started out with moretori attacks.

We did do some suwari waza ikkyo at one point as well.

I feel fine.


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