Monday, September 25, 2006

Fuzzy Headed Sunday

No big surprise but there were only two of us plus the instructor for Sunday's class. It's a small class anyway and there is a seminar in the area with Ellis Amdur that lots of people are headed for. I myself would have loved to see him but couldn't go.

I was a bit fuzzy headed yesterday morning. Worse yet, because there were only the two of us I was best able to taje ukemi for demonstrations. I find it hard at times to do a technique when I haven't seen it. Feeling it is helpful.... seeing it a few times is a good way for me to start out.

From what I recall... we did...

yokomenuchi kotagaeshi, yokomenuchi attack with a throw of some kind.
Cut the attacking hand down into you other hand(grab it). and sort of step in with palm up lifting is arm up by levering it and turn arm over with an unbendable arm and throw.

yokomenuchi ikkyo, and yokomenuchi shihonage

I swept the floor and then left.



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