Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Morning's Started Again Finally

By the way... as it turns out last Saturday's class was actually cancelled. Apparently it was announced on Wednesday and Friday night but that didn't do me any good as I only made it to Tuesday's class.

Peter McDade taught the Sunday morning class. He gave an excellent class with quite the varied group of techniques. It was just this morning but we did some much I don't think I can recall it all. We started with a koykuho of some kind. Moved on to tenchinage, then kotagaeshi, and then sankyo. They might seem totally unrelated but the common thread was the similar entry. We started with a two hand grab and either moved the hands up and over uke's in a double nikkyo forcing uke down or.... we went to the outside with the hands and did the kotagaeshi.

The tenchinage was similar to how Bob teaches it. Slide in and tenkan while keeping the earth hand in front of your center. Then turn your hips back and do the throw.

We did the kotagaeshi from a line. That was kind of nice. Peter asked if I had done breakfalls out of a kotagaeshi and I told him no. I have wanted to learn it but just haven't had to opportunity. One thing I noticed is that when Diana is in a line she usually throws just like she's supposed to. That means that I can expect a really strong kotagaeshi. So... when she did it I tried to go up and over. Sure enough... I was right. She did the techinque fairly strongly. My ukemi although ugly was fine. I had a blast.

Usual problem though..... We went through a technique a couple of times and just as I get a correction such that I think I can do it better we stop and move to the next technique. We always seems to stop just one round too early. Of course... that could just be because I'm always learning. If we did it three times I'd think four would have helped. If we did it six times.... then I'm sure I'd think seven would have been nice.

DAPI: 1.5 (same day)
Wrists worked but not bad at all..... probably will feel fine in the morning.


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