Saturday, November 18, 2006

5th Kyu Cerificate Has Come In

Alan's class was interesting. We had a good number of beginners with us. The most experienced among us was John. He sat quite a bit right of center but I lined up next to him anyway. Then a couple of people sat in a row next to us, then interestingly enough one the newest beginners (started about 2 weeks ago) sat sort of on her own more in front of O'Sensei's picture off to the left a bit. I noticed but didn't say anything as we were lined up... I was curious why she chose that spot but not enough to ask. John, in a not so eloquent way yells out "Hey... do we smell or something". He meant it as a joke of course and it was kind of funny... but really, he shouldn't be yapping in line and I'm not certain he just didn't freak her out a little. I can't tell if she's a little uptight or just trying extremely hard to be proper. I was going to talk to her a bit after class to welcome her but she and the other beginners ran off the mat. They apparently didn't know they should be helping us sweep I guess. They'll figure it out sooner or later. I haven't had time to look over to see what they are up to I thought I saw some shihonage over there.

Alan worked us on practicing entering in different ways.

At the end we did some jujinage. I was both disappointed and relieved that he didn't want us to do the throw. I don't mind taking this throw a few times but Alan has a habit of doing one technique for up to 30 minutes. I don't think I could do 30 minutes of ukemi for that throw one after another without a break.

My 5th kyu certificate showed up. I wasn't expecting it for a couple of more months. It was presented to me by Mr. Mulligan last night after class. It has my name... and is signed by the chairman who I imagine is in Japan. Also it was signed by yamada sensei and finally by sensei mulligan himself. Hopefully it will be one of many. It also comes with a little book where you record your seminars and future grades.

On my way out, I had a quick discussion with Mr. Mulligan. He made a point of telling me that he's noticed that when I come Tuesday's I usually change O'Sensei's picture for Kano's so the judo folks can have the kamiza set up for them already. He mentioned that I do it in a most respectful and thoughtful manner and he really liked that. I just do what I've learned from others which is bowing to Kano and O' Sensei after changing the pictures.



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