Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Was On Time

Tonight's Tuesday night class starts at 6pm. I found a way home that was slightly better and left a little early. So Pete taught this class. There were 10 people tonight. For a Tuesday night... thats a larger group. Part of that I'm guessing is that there is a test coming up. I think at least 4 of the attendees were brushing up for the test. 2 more were newer members of the dojo from the last start. I myself, am spotty for Tuesday's.

There is a possiblity that I may attend one or more nights a week at the Methuen Dojo. I haven't been there yet but I may go to take a look around. I'd rather not leave Shodokan and no matter what I'm guessing they'll see me every Sunday regardless. If the later classes were still running regularly Monday nights this wouldn't even be an issue.

So.. anyway... the class... we did lots of moritetori. We did a kokyunage, a shihonage, a kotagaeshi, and a kaitenage. The kotageashi... he tried to teach in a class a sunday or two ago. I couldn't do a think with it. Tonight, I did it almost naturally. It was excellent.

My ukemi has been soft the past couple classes. Another reason to be psyched.



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