Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh Man, The Mat Was Cold

Weather is definitely taking on a bit of a chill on the sunday morning classes. Because of the upcoming test we had two students who don't usually show for Sunday's class. We had Mark who tests for 5th kyu and his uke. Interestingly enough, he's asked Buddy to be his uke for the test. He was my uke for my 5th kyu test. Although not the best partner for blending, I though he was pretty good to have for a test. I almost put his head into the wall for one throw. We started too close to the wall.

As for today... it was yokomenuchi day I guess. We did yokomenuchi kokyunagem yokomenuchi kotagaeshi, yokomenuchi shihonage, yokomenuchi ude something or other ikkyo.

So... overall... it was a non-vigorous morning workout.

Monday night I have no idea where I'll be practicing. I'm still working out my work schedule. There is a chance I may go to Shodokan... there is also a chance I'll go to a dojo in Methuen.



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