Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Packed house. About 14 people attended. A few people who come other nights came monday night. Also, someone who was nursing an injured shoulder came back... etc.

I was picked for a kotagaeshi demo. One of them was fairly fast. I'm almost convinced I can take a faster kotagaeshi than I used to. The only time I really got hurt bad enough to need a minute to recover was taking a kotagaeshi from someone. I think I can deal with that level of speed/effectiveness now. Perhaps in another 6 months... it will be even better.

Two of the beginners stayed after class to work on the hamni handache kaitenage more.

Bob and I worked on the 31 jo kata for a little bit after class. The second class hasn't really been well attended. It's a bit sporadic to say the least. When I am the only person wanting to do a second class, I suggest to Bob that I would be quite happy working with jo or bokken as this is something not done lots in the classes I can attend.



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