Sunday, November 05, 2006

Randori - Lite

Bob taught instead of Alan this week.

For the kaitennage demo Bob picked me because 'You like this'. He is right actually. I love kaitennage. I like flying around. For the most part I was able to go with the attack. I wish I could see him move when this is happening. I'm curious how fast he is actually moving when he's doing the throws. It feels a little fast but certainly not beyond what I can handle. All the instructors that I've worked with both past and present are able to respond to my attack without really hurting me. They have good control. One of these days I'll ask to put a video camara in for a class or two.

Class culminated with a mini 3 man randori session. I'm guessing it was all the students first time trying something like this. I particularly enjoyed it. A couple of things that occurred to me after the experience.... either my shihonage sucks under pressure or I need more practice(I know I wasn't unbalancing uke as much as I should've). The good news is..... I didn't feel a sense of panic at all. Of course.... I know no one is really going to hurt me but still, having 3 people run at you at a good clip can be unnerving for some people.

Once or twice I managed to throw my attacker in the direction of the other attackers. I did get thrown pretty hard in one session where I was one of the attackers. I didn't get the wind knocked out of me... but darn near.

(Some small pain in my ankle but it bears weight fine)


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