Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Doing Our Own Thing

When I first came in I noticed some ice in front of the door. I took some sand that we had inside and threw it out there. I told sensei I was stealing some dirt. I don't think we need breakfall practice just trying to get in. He was happy because I beat him to it.

It was a long weekend so a few folks didn't show. The beginners were there doing there thing. The people about to test for 5th kyu were all given stuff to do related to their upcoming test.

Since Diana and I aren't testing overly soon, Bob had us working together off to the side working on 3rd and 4th kyu techniques. The interesting part was when he asked us to try different iriminage from a particular attack. Think of it as three parts... the entry, the kazushi and subsequent unbalancing, and the throw.

At one point Bob came over to answer our nikkyo questions. I got about 6 or so nikkyo's in succession. Very interesting to see them all at once. I actually don't mind nikkyo. I don't think I ever got hurt long term from them. He got a good one on me on the right hand but it stopped hurting about 2 seconds after he let it go from my tap out.

After class Diana was asking me if I remembered how to do Hanmi handachi Katatetori Shihonage. I've done it in two classes that I recall and not for a real long while. Although I couldn't show her right away how to be nage, I was able to show her what it did to uke. I twisted my arm in the correct position and showed her how you sort of get stuck up on your toes. That was enough of a hint for her to remember, and then I did as well. You keep your elbows in, turn your wrist some and use your other hand to twist uke up by pulling him to you.
I'll be busy this weekend so I won't be able to attend classes for a few days.

(Something in left forearm hurts. No idea why)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Started Rough.... Fininshed Feeling Great

We started off with normal ukemi practice and I felt really rough in the beginning. I was very excited to see us start with a line of kaitenage. Stuff like this is always good for loosening up.

So.. we did a standing kaitenage then a handache version. For the most part the whole class centered around an attack where uke grabs your shoulder and then attempts a strike to the head with the other hand.

There were tons of different techniques. The one that stands out the most in my head was the kotagaeshi. When I first saw it I was thinking.... huh? What the heck did he just do. Then, I realized it just wasn't that bad to follow. Basically we started with a similar beginning. Say uke grabs your left shoulder and strikes. You take the same side hand and block by raising your left arm and extend up. Then you allow the strike to come down. Sort of pivot on your left foot so you move your right foot in a big circle all the way around to the other side of uke if you can. While doing this you grab uke's hand with your right hand. So the position now is you feet are basically matching uke's facing the same direction but you are next to him. Then you just do a kotagaeshi. Somehow I did something approximating the technique.

Other interesting techniques were.... jujinage. A kokyunage where you wrap uke's arms up in one of your own... turn your hips and throw.

There was an irininage version. We even found time for a koshinage version.

Then... there was another version where you turn and cut your hand down along uke's elbow. By the time I figured things out (from watching the other students) we stopped that technique. Bummer... one more and I could have done better. Of course... that's always the way isn't it?

When class was over, I felt great.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monday Night

There is a test coming soon so we've been reviewing a lot of 3rd through 5th kyu techniques. Although I have the hours, I'm not going to be testing as yet. A lot of the test I feel better prepared for than in my last test but there are some things I just don't know well enough.

We started with some shihonage. Then for the folks who already passed the 5th kyu test, they had us working on doing the shihonage by actually throwing in 4 directions. I've always been curious about this. Although I've done the technique before this was one of those cases where I'm just seeing more.

Later on we did some ura version of nikkyo. This is something I really need to practice. At one point I had this down fairly well, but seems I can't get this one without fumbling around for a while. Now... I could just get my attacker to stand there for 5 seconds while I fiddle around everything will be fine.

We did some kokyu ho. I was partner for a time with one of our larger guys (who resists a lot). He's perfect for this kind of practice. He's way stronger than me and outweighs me by quite a bit, so if I can move him, I'm doing fairly well. I noticed I had better results for him if I cheated a bit by making a larger circle so that I'm leading his hand up higher over his head.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Holy Mackeral I'm Losing It

I think I've been to about 4 classes since I posted last. My new job is consuming lots of my time. Add to that some house remodeling and I guess I'm happy I have time to even go to class.

This morning I went to class again. We did a ton of ushiro stuff. I had a couple strange ukemi moments. We were doing hip throws. For some reason on one throw I landed badly and actually got the wind knocked out of me for about a half second. That was fairly unusual. I hadn't had that happen in a real long time. Not too long after, nage was throwing me for a hip throw but something odd happened. I became disoriented during the throw and by the time I figured things out I was headed head first toward the mat with my belly down a little. My first thoughts were the following in this order....

"How the hell did I get here?"
"Wow... interesting... falling at this angle could hurt or injure me badly.... I should do something to protect my head/neck"

I have no idea what exactly I did next as it was 100% instinct. Somehow I rolled very gently out of it.

The only thing I can think of is that nage didn't throw me with tons of force but got me up in the air. Because I didn't have enough momentum to go over... I headed straight down head first. I'm guessing that I got a hand down with an unbendable arm and tucked my head in. The first couple of moments seemed to last about 10 minutes and the last moment where I did something about it is sort of blacked out of my memory. I'm told it looked very graceful. I was never in a panicked state but I couldn't begin to tell you if you did that to me 10 times how many times would I succeed in landing nicely.

I'm sure I'll feel fine in the morning