Sunday, February 18, 2007

Started Rough.... Fininshed Feeling Great

We started off with normal ukemi practice and I felt really rough in the beginning. I was very excited to see us start with a line of kaitenage. Stuff like this is always good for loosening up.

So.. we did a standing kaitenage then a handache version. For the most part the whole class centered around an attack where uke grabs your shoulder and then attempts a strike to the head with the other hand.

There were tons of different techniques. The one that stands out the most in my head was the kotagaeshi. When I first saw it I was thinking.... huh? What the heck did he just do. Then, I realized it just wasn't that bad to follow. Basically we started with a similar beginning. Say uke grabs your left shoulder and strikes. You take the same side hand and block by raising your left arm and extend up. Then you allow the strike to come down. Sort of pivot on your left foot so you move your right foot in a big circle all the way around to the other side of uke if you can. While doing this you grab uke's hand with your right hand. So the position now is you feet are basically matching uke's facing the same direction but you are next to him. Then you just do a kotagaeshi. Somehow I did something approximating the technique.

Other interesting techniques were.... jujinage. A kokyunage where you wrap uke's arms up in one of your own... turn your hips and throw.

There was an irininage version. We even found time for a koshinage version.

Then... there was another version where you turn and cut your hand down along uke's elbow. By the time I figured things out (from watching the other students) we stopped that technique. Bummer... one more and I could have done better. Of course... that's always the way isn't it?

When class was over, I felt great.



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