Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Class of Heavy Breathing

Ok... so in this one, Sensei Cowham had us doing a form of ikkyo focusing on the breathing aspect. We also did a flavor of iriminage. What was interesting about this was that instead of simply entering behind uke, bringing them down.. letting them up and then throwing/projecting them, Sensei Cowham had us step off line a bit but pretty much stay in front of uke, cut/blend with the arm coming down (shomenuchi attack) and don't let uke up again... just grab at the shoulder and bring him down(similar to other things I've seen in the past).

Ok.. if you were able to read that last sentence then you have breath control. I believe he headed elsewhere at this point. Glad he was able to share his point of view on things.

Thumb about the same. Feels good until I stress it. Usually doesn't interfere with anything in class really.


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