Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Day Off... Boy Am I Loose

Whenever I have a day off from work I feel really loose and relaxed for the aikido class. This was another one of those days.

We started out with some ukemi practice. The beginners from the last start are having some success learning rolls. There is one guy who looks like he's having some problems though. He actually has improved. I can tell you from my own experience that part of the problem is lack of conditioning. When you are 'sucking wind' from a few rolls and you start getting tired it really makes it hard to do them. I saw fatigue affecting him. I had the same problem when I started to a lesser degree. I don't think very much can be done about it.

Alan started us off with practicing a j-step. Unfortunately for most of the class I found myself in threesomes. Sometimes I actually like this but for this kind of easy paced class, I would have preferred one partner. The next technique was suwariwaza ikkyo omote. It was nice to practice this. My partner wasn't pushing through me though, he was pushing my arm off to the side. My current understanding is that you really want to push uke straight back by moving their elbow right at their face not bring it down to the side (you want to go through them... not go around them).

I had an interesting experience. Towards the end of class my partner was a small girl. I think she was around 13 maybe. She just came out of the last start so she's been at the dojo for only a few months. At this point we were doing iriminage. She did pretty well. Some of the off-balancing she did was excellent. If she would stop killing my throat that would have been nice too. It's tough when uke is a foot taller than you. You have to modify things a bit at times.

She wisely suggested that someone else stretch my back at the end of class. Eventually, she will be centered enough to be able to lift me but I wouldn't expect her to be able to do it now. Since I've been dropped a couple times I'd rather just pass.

After class, I thought I'd exercise my looseness. I practiced some rolls. Generally threw myself about the mat for a few minutes.

Thumb. Nailed it again when I failed to blend well with one of my partners. Someone told me that they sprained a finger and it took like 8 months to heal up..... great.


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