Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey... I'm Seeing Students

When people want to learn aikido, our dojo has the new folks run through a specific 8 week training session where they learn customs, history, basic terms, get exposed to some techniques, and start learning ukemi.

The latest beginner start finished recently and it was a larger class. I guess 2 of them decided to try out Sunday morning. This was kind of nice. This morning is typically the same two or three of us. They did pretty well. One of them was doing shihonage way out and I almost was forced to breakfall to get out of it(and I have loose shoulders). I think I could've managed it but since I've never done a breakfall out of that techinque it wasn't my first choice. You do what you have to to protect yourself of course. Afterwards I let him know what the difference was between keeping uke's arm out or in and to be aware of which one he was doing.

In today's class we used a knife for attacks so we could focus a bit on body awareness. Toward the end uke was encouraged to attack uke in 'wrong' hanmi, and even go so far as to switch the knife hand in mid attack. Basically, get nage to react, rather than think. We did this with nikkyo, kotagaeshi, and shihonage. Also did an irimi where you sort of spear your hand past their face grab the tsuki hand with the other hand.... push uke back a bit, rotate your elbow and do sort of a reverse headlock on uke dragging him back. Then you go to the ground on one knee with uke falling to his back. Then you attack the elbow by placing it on your knee and pushing the arm down. I always hate this technique. There are too many excitable/inexperienced nage's out there that have really attacked my arm. I fared pretty well for this today.

Overall, I did real well compared to the past on the no thought part. Aside for one bad hand grab I was moving without thinking too much. I was simply reacting.

This was the first class since spraining the thumb that someone actually caused some discomfort on it. It wasn't enough to make me tap but someone had my thumb wrapped up for a nikkyo. Wrist felt fine... thumb was eh. I have no qualms about doing more of it. It just doesn't hurt that bad but I did notice it.

Thumb. Sure is hard to open jars when one thumb is a little weaker.


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Sounds like fun!


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