Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey... Same Partner From Sunday

For most of the class I worked with one particular partner. This is the same guy I had on Sunday morning. I guess I'm starting to get to know him. I think he's only been practicing about 2 and a half months so he has all the usual questions that a lot of people(myself at least) have when starting.... I tried to answer them as directly and minimally as possible.

I did do one thing I couldn't resist. He had a habit of turning his head and not looking at uke(me). So.. while he had turned his head, I went to tap his head with my finger. I could see that he barely caught the movement in the corner of his eye so I stopped myself. After a minute he asked smiling..... "You were going to hit my head weren't you?" "mmmm ya" I replied. He grinned from ear to ear. I didn't say anything else but he never took his eye off me for the rest of practice.

Oddly enough after this... I helped Bob by being uke for a few minutes while he showed some stuff to the class. Bob did an atemi to my face but he was overly cautious. There is no way that he would have hit me even if I didn't react. I reacted strongly and pulled my head back out of harms way. I usually do. This makes me think of Kim a bit. Due to his rough knees he's had to take a break from aikido for a while. He was my old partner back at Cape Ann. He used to take atemis to the face. He moved or blocked only about 10% of the time. He always said he was training his face to take hits.

As practice progressed I saw my partner improve a bit. I didn't try and correct him or anything, I just tried to do the technique as best as I was able. Even still, when Bob stopped the class to show us one aspect I realized I was doing one thing not quite right.

For techniques we practiced some kind or irimi where you slide behind uke and turn at your hips as you bring your arm up(this is the part I was missing) and then throw. We did this from two hand grab attack and from a tsuki.

Bob then broke the class up into two groups. We basically did the same exercise where 5 people attacked the guy in the middle. After a while we switched to a line. The people in the line were supposed to attack as soon as the previous uke could get out of the way.

For me this exercise was sort of like juggling two beanbags and a bowling ball. If you've ever juggled you'd know what I mean. As uke's attacked I had to respond with the correct amount of force. I'd have a light attack/response... another... then one of the more experience folks Buddy would attack with some zeal and I could respond more strongly as his ukemi is better.

Thumb showing small improvement again. It's still weak. The two hand grabs I had to do in class weren't as strong as I would have liked. Did the best I could do.


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