Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday and Friday

ah hell.

No memory of Monday. Ok.. some. I think this class Bob led us through stretches and then ran us through some ukemi. I seem to remember something about having to do forward rolls on one side instead of alternating. First time I ever got a little dizzy rolling.

I remember liking the class. Darned if I can remember exactly what we did. I can say that we have been doing more and more freestyle. They will limit the attacks and perhaps the responses.

At the end of class Bob frequently will attempt to impart some of his wisdom. On this night he carefully suggested that for some people you progress to the point where you are expected to learn the techniques by figuring things out on your own. Traditional Japanese..... you 'steal' the technique. So... do you learn better? I know I've had one teacher who would cover the Sunday class a long while back that would show me the same thing like 5 times and I just wouldn't get it.

I seem to remember getting to be uke for Bob when he threw me for a koshinage. It was nice to practice this a little.

After class I tried some side to side movement suwari. It was a simple exercise Bob showed us a while back and I really need the practice. I also picked up a jo for a few minutes and went through the 31 jo kata. I had the benefit of watching one of the other students who attends weapon nights regularly. I can't make it Wednesday nights. As a result I don't really know the kata well. I've done it maybe 10-15 times.

One side note... in a previous post I mentioned that I don't feel like I'm learning. Don't think for a second that it's because I believe nothing is being taught. I just feel like I'm missing the point. Every once in a while I have a moment of "oooohhhhh, this is what I really am supposed to do". Then I have the feeling again about perhaps even the same thing as my level of understanding grows.

It's been a while since I've had one of those moments.


Alan did a different class. Typically he'll pick 2 or 3 techniques and work on those the whole class. He doesn't change much. This has an advantage of being able to really focus on something. His whole class was centered around freestyle. First we practiced techniquessuch as shihonage, kaitenage, iriminage, kotagaeshi. Then... we did them in a freestyle manner. We were told to attack yokomen for a while then we did them while responding from a shomenuchi attack. The goal is to get us to think less and just react. I seem to want to do a iriminage or kotagaeshi 90% of the time.

Thumb slightly better but was exacerbated by my cutting tile for a floor in my house.


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