Saturday, July 07, 2007

Beginners Review

There are a few things that every new person goes through. Maybe I can help with right here in this post. I invite everyone to add to the comments of anything they thought was useful for someone just starting out.

"Did I do that Side?"

Don't worry about it. Get into the habit of doing the left then the right and you won't have to remember which side you did last.

"How much do I resist?"

At the very beginning, probably not at all. Provide feedback to your partner but don't resist.

"How fast should I attack?"

Nage will react to the speed of your attack. If uke attacks slow, nage should respond slow. Keep in mind that if you visit a different dojo they won't know you. Attack at the speed appropriate for your ukemi level.

Don't follow a techinique with a verbal "Sorry"

Don't be sorry. Just keep practicing. You're already covered with the onegaishimasu at the beginnning.

"How do I tie the belt?"

Ask one of your sempai. Or.... Check my main page for a link to a nice video someone was kind enough to put up.

"Who's turn is it to be nage?"

Someone just attack.


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