Monday, July 09, 2007

He Can Do It Blindfolded

Well.... actually, he can do it blind. One of our fellow dojo members has pretty much lost his sight. He still comes to practice. Sometimes he sits aside doing bokken cuts.... at other times he joins in when circumstances allowed. We did a great deal of line techniques that start with a wrist grab. This meant he was able to join in. We sort of made up a system where the last person in line would call him over after he finished his ukemi. We'd also call him over for to act as uke as he reached the front of the line. We'd call him over and tell him what hanmi we were in. It worked out pretty well.

One thing I noticed tonight was when I ran around uke too slowly I had to take a harder ukemi. Committing to the attack is actually easier on you.

Overall, I noticed that my ukemi was particularly soft tonight. Someone even threw me funny and pushed up on my belly a bit as I went over. This resulted in my somehow landing square on my back but it was totally in a roll. So it felt quite comfortable.

After class at Salem I headed for.....


Tonight was an unusual night. Mike doesn't often spend a whole class on this stuff but he had us doing lots of ki building exercises. One in particular I did tons of back at Cape Ann. Uke grabs your wrist, you do a tenkan. Very simple. At one point I had a 3rd kyu resist me like crazy. Because I've done this on many, many, many days in Cape Ann, I still had no problem moving my uke and staying balanced and relaxed. He did however show me a hole in my subsequent movements ( with an atemi to my face).

Nice class.


At July 12, 2007 8:16 AM, Blogger Scott Zrubek said...

One of our dojo members, actually our newly-promoted Sensei John, lost most of his sight a number of years ago. He sees contrasts but not much detail.

Send your dojo-mate our good luck in adjusting.


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