Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kachow - I Am Speed

I had some unexpected free time and headed straight for the dojo. I arrived a few minutes late but came in during the stretching.

Lots of stuff covered, even in a short Tuesday class. udekimenage, iriminage, nikkyo, sankyo. Oh how I love sankyo. If you do it correctly, you should be able to move uke around any which way you like. You're not just limited to spinning them in one direction. I hope to get good enough one day to be able to move uke like a marshmallow at the end of a sword.

One of the more fun techniques I have no name for. Uke starts with a tsuki, you move offline and deflect the arm just a little, then slide your arm under theirs and make a big circle throwing forward. Uke has to pretty much turn a bit and roll/fall to that side. It seemed like an ideal time to practice that ukemi that got 'fixed' in Beverly the other night. It seemed to work great. The fall is comfortable and I am able to stay with the technique longer.

The nikkyo was a tsuki nikkyo but was still useful practice for my test. Although it's improved somewhat I'm still not overly smooth getting uke's hand to my shoulder. I just need more practice I think.

For one particular technique the instructor was telling us what to do if the strike comes fast. So, I came in very fast. Although it wasn't full speed I think I surprised him a touch. In all the time I've been in the dojo, I've never moved full speed. As uke, I'm not ready to deal with a full speed response. As nage it's just inappropriate as your response should match uke's attack. Blend....blend...blend. People most likely think I am sloth-like and that's ok by me.

Class was great and was over shockingly fast (1 hour class because it's Tuesday's schedule).

I'm jazzed because I made it to Sunday class, 2 Monday classes, Tuesday class, and Friday is coming. I honestly believe that if I had fewer responsibilities I'd train every day I could.


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