Sunday, July 15, 2007

Terrific Class

Let's see. Today we did some udegarame, jujinage, shihonage with lots of moretetori attacks. Also there was a cool nikkyo where you start with the jujinage.....

So, moretetori attack, tenkan and j-step with your arm up to bring uke around. Start the jujinage grip, then duck under the whole mess. On the other side you have one hand in with a nikkyo on the wrist, place it on the shoulder for a nikkyo.

The shihonage was good. Grab one arm for omote, grab the other for ura. My foot work was wrong at first and when the instructor came over to make a correction I saw that immedicately and one other thing I could improve on. He was grabbing uke's hands differently then I was. When I tried it his way it was much easier to turn uke.

I was pleased to be able to help with a couple of demos today. Sometimes they can be the most fun because you really don't know what the instructor is going to do. This means you have to follow and blend as best you can. One problem I have though is while taking ukemi I don't necessarily notice everything the instructor does. Sometimes I have to see it one more time to get it.

After class Mr. Mulligan asked us to help with some weeding. He said he had a weed wacker. I was thinking gas powered nylone line etc..... I learned that what he meant was a scythe of some kind. I believe they call it a weedwhip. So I put my hips into it and whacked away. It was kind of fun. You could clear out a whole section with one big whack.

Oh, and a few of you would be please to hear that I did my usual which is to shut up and train. Even when my partner was way the heck off, I let him fumble away. It wasn't long before the instructor came over to help. Then again, there is a difference in my mind between trying to teach and giving appropriate feedback. My mind hasn't been changed as yet there.


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